Thursday, November 15, 2007

HTC Touch Dual

I am happy to say - we should receive HTC Touch Dual on Monday.
It is one sleek device.
We will play with and see if GPS can be enabled, since it is using the same Qualcomm processor as HTC Kaiser.

Link to the product page is here

HTC S730 should be in stock probably within next week ...

HTC Touch Cruise - mid December, as well as (long awaited) HTC Shift.


Monday, October 1, 2007

HTC SHIFT has arrived!

As we promised we are posting hi-res pictures of HTC Shift:

Video clip will be posted later tomorrow.

Exciting news from HTC!!!

4 new devices has been announced today by HTC

We have been able to give you small photo review for 2 of them, HTC Touch Dual and HTC S730.

Shortly we will give you one more photo review...

Links to HTC site with detailed specifications for your easier browsing :)

HTC Touch Dual -

HTC S730 -

HTC P6500 -

and the Grand Finale - HTC Shift -