Monday, October 1, 2007

Exciting news from HTC!!!

4 new devices has been announced today by HTC

We have been able to give you small photo review for 2 of them, HTC Touch Dual and HTC S730.

Shortly we will give you one more photo review...

Links to HTC site with detailed specifications for your easier browsing :)

HTC Touch Dual -

HTC S730 -

HTC P6500 -

and the Grand Finale - HTC Shift -



Anonymous said...

And GPS do they have?

Anonymous said...

The touch slide you showed has a different keypad than the one on HTC's site.

Joshua said...

Not only does your touch slide have a different keyboard, it is clearly branded Touch Slide as opposed to Touch Dual.

Any chance that your's is a North American version with Tri-band 3G and quadband EDGE/GSM?

Wilson said...

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